Electromonechanical Design Application Engineer 薪资:面议

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  • 工作国家:中国/China
  • 城市:南京
  • 招聘人数:2人
  • 职位性质:就业岗位
  • 学历要求:硕士
  • 语言能力:汉语,英语
  • 需求专业:机械制造及其自动化,机械电子工程,机械设计及理论,车辆工程,电工理论与新技术,电力电子与电力传动,电路与系统
  • 职能类别:机械制造类


This job opportunity is for a system-level power electronics packaging engineer with a thorough and detailed understanding of power electronics systems and packaging, thermal simulations and a knowledge of WBG SiC device technology.


· Interface with module design and packaging engineers, manufacturing engineers to develop next generation power conversion systems to bring the power electronics industry to next level.

· Perform research, design, and development efforts for innovative power converter packaging techniques using next generation WBG devices, and state-of-the-art simulation tools.

· Perform system level thermal, thermal-stress, mechanical-stress, shock and vibration design and FEA analysis using computer simulation tools

· Design, develop, and test system-level packaging, bussing, housings, and other mechanical structures for advanced power electronic converters and inverters (50kW-2MW). This includes power device selection, mechanical layout of high-current, high-frequency conductors, laminated bus bar design and detailed mechanical design of the converter layout according to established procedures.

· Build prototypes and test fixtures. Perform verification testing on new designs and products, perform product cost and reliability analysis and provide assembly and test instructions for technicians.

· Assist in proposal writing efforts for programs with other agencies.

· Lead and assist in conducting experiments, acquiring data, preparing application notes, and preparing design specifications as needed.

· Support, communicate, reinforce and defend the mission, values and culture of the organization. 


· Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering.

· Expertise in mechanical vibration/stress and thermal analysis for high power electronics packaging to meet customer performance requirements.

· Expertise with 3-D CAD, thermal modeling, simulation and analysis with CFD packages.

· The candidate should have a strong feeling and interest for design and development of novel power conversion packaging techniques and development trends, and have a proven capability to pursue state-of-the-art system-level power electronics packaging technologies for both LV and MV.

· The applicant must be knowledgeable of packaging, thermal analysis and thermal performance testing of DC-DC, AC-DC, AC-DC-AC power conversion systems. Experience in writing technical documents such as hardware requirements and specifications, product design specifications, test specifications, schematic, board level design details etc.

· Technical project planning experience.

· Excellent communication skills (i.e., verbal, written, and presentation).

· Excellent team player. 

Highly Preferred Skills And Expertise

· Responsible for driving technology, design, development and test activities to meet the schedule, cost and reliability.

· Leads and supports Engineering to design, develop, and test advanced system-level mechanical and package designs for power electronic converters (5 kW-2 MW) according to established procedures, and design requirements.

· Develops and recommends solutions to a variety of complex engineering requirements to ensure that the mechanical design objectives are met.

· Developing and interpreting mechanical design specifications, system requirement specifications, and identifying major risk factors.

· Lead all mechanical, thermal and heat transfer aspects of system-level power electronics converter designs; including bussing, PCBs, and housing / case structures.

· Documents design during the development process, including but not limited to high level design, design specifications, design verification and test specifications.

· Ensures quality of mechanical designs and purchased components/systems by developing and documenting test plans; conducting, analyzing, and documenting tests confers with suppliers on design details, costs, and schedules of purchased products.

· Provides budget, cost and schedule input for design and development activities.

· Multi-level power converter system packaging experience at LV (208 VAC-690 V AC) and MV (4.16 kV- 13.8 kV) levels.

· Strong troubleshooting and root cause analysis skills.

· Rapid prototyping techniques.

· Hands-on approach: Helps out wherever the team needs help, does whatever is necessary to meet customer expectations and deliverables.

· Familiarity with IEC, EN, IEEE, and MIL-STD design standards. 


Semiland was founded in Yangzhong city, Jiangsu province Feb, 2017, and its Nanjing office has been registered in May, 2018 and is located inside Ju Bao Shan park.  The company is dedicated to developing innovative power electronics module packaging technologies for wide band gaps devices to unleash their performance to the maximum extreme. Starting from innovative packaging technology and system integration of  SiC power module, the market orientation will be aligned in new energy vehicle, high speed welder, rail, power supply, and UPS..etc. and also provide customer oriented services to optimize thermal management and system  performance.