Power Electronics Engineer 薪资:面议

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  • 工作国家:中国/China
  • 城市:南京
  • 招聘人数:1人
  • 职位性质:就业岗位
  • 学历要求:硕士
  • 语言能力:汉语,英语
  • 需求专业:电机与电器,电力系统及其自动化,高电压与绝缘技术,电力电子与电力传动,电工理论与新技术
  • 职能类别:电气/电子/电器/仪器/仪表类


The Power Electronics division is responsible for conceptualizing, designing, building, and testing the electrical power components in the power electronic system in EVs, electrical grid, wind turbine, airflight etc. These components include variable frequency drives for propulsion and levitation, energy storage systems, charging systems, wiring and cable assemblies, and the associated control hardware and control algorithms.

Lead the effort in testing the power stage of different power converters/inverters at component, module, assembly and system level. Specifically, this position is responsible for, 

  • Documentation of related test requirements, test setup/fixture design, test plan, and test report

  • Conducting all related test, collecting test data, analyzing test data, and analyzing failure modes, trouble-shooting if necessary.

  • The above mentioned tests include, but not limited to: IGBT and Power MOSFET characterization tests with single pulse and double pulse test for two different platforms;

  • power converter assembly level functional and characterization tests; and integrated system level functional and characterization tests

  • Providing necessary support to other team members in a multi-disciplinary product development environment

The candidate shall possess the following characteristics:

  • Experiences in developing a product from concept to production

  • Ability to work independently with minimum supervision and meet challenging deadlines

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Candidates must have product development experience in high power electronics converters, specifically, 

  • Hands-on experience in high power converters design and testing

  • Hands-on experience with gate drivers and IGBT and Power MOSFET testing

  • Solid knowledge of power converter components, e.g., IGBTs, MOSFETs, capacitors, magnetics, busbars, sensors, etc.

  • Solid experience of working in a high voltage and high power engineering lab environment

  • Solid experience in using high voltage and high power test related equipment and instruments


  • Bachelor's degree in an engineering field and 5 years of experience in a power electronics-related role

  • Labview, Python, and Matlab or other related software for data acquisition and analysis

  • HV Power stage test setup design, implementation and validation

  • Experience with power converter tests with inductive load

  • Experience with variable speed drive tests


Semiland was founded in Yangzhong city, Jiangsu province Feb, 2017, and its Nanjing office has been registered in May, 2018 and is located inside Ju Bao Shan park.  The company is dedicated to developing innovative power electronics module packaging technologies for wide band gaps devices to unleash their performance to the maximum extreme. Starting from innovative packaging technology and system integration of  SiC power module, the market orientation will be aligned in new energy vehicle, high speed welder, rail, power supply, and UPS..etc. and also provide customer oriented services to optimize thermal management and system  performance.